Improving Collaboration

Maximising the benefits accrued from a commitment to collaboration between the public and private sectors



With planned expansions of radiation oncology services, this project supports collaboration between centres and Curtin University to work towards a high and equitable standard of quality management and care regardless of where the patient attends for treatment in Western Australia. Once departments are at full capacity they will be able to provide treatment services to more patients throughout the state and participate in more quality improvement projects.

A reduction in workforce shortages and the conduct of high quality evidence-based research will enhance quality of treatment and patient care provided to all patients receiving radiation therapy in WA. A major aim is to maximise the benefits accruing from a commitment for collaboration between the public and private sectors to ensure a seamless service is provided across these two sectors, and between metropolitan and rural sites.

The collaboration component of this project centre’s around two CPD coordinators who have been employed to plan education opportunities and resources, and conduct workshops for radiation oncology professionals and students. They will facilitate collaboration between Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital, Genesis Cancer Care and Curtin University as laid out in the project aims and objectives and under the guidance of the project team, and to collaborate with other CPD coordinators.


  • Ensure broad based opportunities for enhancing and advancing careers
  • Facilitate knowledge sharing to provide increased career opportunities
  • Regular multidisciplinary seminars
  • Implementation of techniques by both service providers
  • Improve number of patients treated with advanced technologies
  • Enhance joint multi-disciplinary research projects and publications