Increasing Research

Increasing professional development opportunities for radiation oncology professionals in WA to participate in and conduct research



The practicalities of conducting research in the clinical setting are generally challenging, where there is limited time, research facilities and mentorship. Although radiation oncology professionals are trained in research methods at University, service providers in WA in particular have lacked workforce capacity to allow sufficient time for staff to conduct research. In addition, because there has been minimal time available to conduct research, there have been consequently too few radiation oncology professionals who have research experience who can provide mentorship to further members of the WA workforce.

A strategy of the Radiation Oncology Workforce Sustainability in WA project was to increase access to research opportunities and mentorship in order to support the professional development and research experience of radiation oncology staff. It supported seed funding for six small research projects with research mentorship for the successful seed funding applicants. Research education workshops and seminars have been conducted for radiation oncology staff in WA.